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  • BearingNet Network

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  • Triveni Needles

    Not got it in your warehouse? Search through 1600+ others!

    "BearingNet has helped us serve our customers requirements better & faster. Items that are not available in our own country can be found on BearingNet from members across the globe."

    G Singh - Director
    Triveni Needles P Ltd

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  • clock

    Time is money...

    If you could contact lots of distributors all at once would you

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    Of course you would!

    BearingNet enables you to send many inquiries with just one click of a button.

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  • GeDe Kugellager-Vertriebs-GmbH

    Hard to find, special, obsolete...
    Find it on BearingNet!

    "With BearingNet we are close to other members in the bearing world. BearingNet helps us to save money!!"

    Uwe Spille
    GeDe Kugellager-Vertriebs-GmbH

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  • Extend your reach

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    Over 1.6 billion bearings available!
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  • CYH Importacao e Exportacao Ltda

    1.6 billion bearings!

    "BearingNet is part of our sales system, it helps us find bearings that are unavailable in the domestic market & creates opportunities to make new friends in the industry through forums & meetings.”

    Hiro Wai
    CYH Importacao e Exportacao Ltda

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BearingNet is the world's largest Bearing and Power Transmission inquiry system and information service designed exclusively for Bearing and PT Distributors.

BearingNet gives you access to the inventories of 1485 of the most important distributors around the world with a combined inventory value of over $10 billion dollars.

If your company is interested in stocking less but selling more, buying smarter and being connected to a vast network of like minded Bearing distributors then apply for a free trial today!

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BearingNet has 1816 customers around the world.
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  • Albeco



Launched in 1996, BearingNet was formed as the first online inquiry and information service designed exclusively for Bearing & Power Transmission Distributors. The basic concept was to help distributors trade hard-to-find, obsolete or surplus bearings more efficiently and effectively, ultimately by networking the bearing industry together.


To help bearing and power transmission distributors trade with each other faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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